Blue Vine Solutions, LLC


BUZL app for iOS 7 and iOS8 is a FAST and EASY to use task/to do list targeted at busy individuals and kids. There is a zero learning curve to use this app compared to other apps in this category.
BUZL has 4 quick view tabs, containing High, Medium, Low priority and History of tasks with optional notes, difficulty level, and photo. The photo feature is useful to remind you to purchase a particular brand of item, take a picture of the whiteboard for homework/projects, design ideas, and many other uses.
BUZL version2 is coming soon in a few weeks! It contains reminders (including recurring), sorting, tab badging, and Task Actions (click on email, message, phone number, address, web link) to immediately perform your task. (Screen shots available)
BUZL was conceived and developed by a very busy mom for other busy individuals, including children!
It’s never too late to teach children how to organize their life, and BUZL is an easy way to show them how. Think FAST and EASY entry and viewing!


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