The Big Holiday Secret: Parents Who Worry About School Vacations


Happy family in tropical ressort.Kids look forward to school vacations counting down the days, but sometimes parents anticipate them with some unspeakable concerns. How will the kids get along for nearly two whole weeks? How will parents who work during some of the vacation time manage to have child care? How will the well planned vacation trip work with so much together time? How will everyone cope with transitions? In general, how will the change in routines generally upset the apple cart?

Four Tips for Making School Vacations a Success

1. Unstructured Play

Whether time is spent at home, visiting others, or on a trip, overly scheduled activities can lead to stress, exhaustion, and petty arguments. Remember to include unplanned time to let kids create their own fun, meet some new kids, and feel away from parents’ watchful eyes.

Children can make games out of anything at anytime if they are just plain left alone. Watch their creativity blossom and their laughter will cheer you and give you a break from feeling you have to plan everything.

2. Rest

Time away from school and work seems like a giant opportunity to do everything your kids can imagine. It’s important to pace everyone, including yourselves. Sleeping in after late nights and even sleeping in after early nights can give everyone more energy and high spirits, so they can stay on an even keel.

Vacations are a good chance to catch up on that needed rest that hectic school days neglect. Sleep, rest, nap, chill!


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