Big Girl Bed Battles


This resonated with me.  While some of it is certainly her being strong willed, there is something more there.  She’s scared on some level. And even if I don’t understand it, I have to help her navigate it.  This Mom friend told me that it will ebb and flow and get better then get worse and I have to ride it out.  I have to find whatever I need to help her get through it.  If she sleeps on the sofa in my room through elementary school, what’s the harm?  She’s sleeping.  Going to bed at a decent hour and getting a full 8+ hours of sleep, right?  She’s not up for hours screaming and fighting and freaking out.  And I have some quiet, non stressful time at night to regroup for the next day.

And ideally, everyone will be tucked into their respected places and will sleep 10+ hours without a peep.  But parenthood isn’t ideal.  And I have to remember that everyone has their own way of dealing – some people refuse to let their children in the bed with them.  Honestly, that is just not the kind of parents we are.  And while we don’t want to have little feet kicking us all night long, it’s better than screaming or fighting or even them coming in and laying down on our floor.

Amazingly enough, our big girl has reconnected with her room and her bed recently.  It may be because we are redecorating the house and had her room painted and moved in a different bed.  It may be that she is about to start Kindergarten and has a new sense of ‘big girlness’.  Who knows?

But as luck would have it – just as our big girl turned a corner on sleeping in her own room through the entire night, the baby climbed out of her crib.

And a new opponent emerged.

And though, once again, we have the weariness of sleep deprivation caused not by a newborn but by a toddler, we are better equipped. And though the struggle is absolutely real, I’m not sure that this time, it’s going to be so hard.

At least, I hope not.

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