Big Girl Bed Battles


Sweet dreams“I would NEVER let my kids sleep in the bed with me.  You are crazy.  You need to break this habit now.”

I’ve received this and other unsolicited advice for years.  I’m sure these moms meant well as I would roll into work, yawning as I poured one more cup of coffee, newborn glaze crusting up in the corner of my eyes. Except I had a four year old.

Yeah.  My kid slept with us pretty much from the time we took the railings off the crib until, well, now.  There have been seasons when we thought we’d made a breakthrough.  She would go six weeks without crying or fighting or getting up in the middle of the night.

And then she would.

I’m not sure what it was but somewhere after seven o’clock in the evening, right around the time when I was at my weakest, something/one would take possession of my child and she would become evil.  And defiant.  And strong.  She would scream.  Beat on the door.  Tell me no.  The fear that would release from her small being as she’d sweat and foam at the mouth and make herself sick night after night was enough to scare a well knowing adult.  Especially her Mama.

Her manipulation skills were on point.  At first:  Mommy, I need you! And then, when that stopped working:  I threw up!  And then when we stopped falling for that:  I need to go potty!

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lk herndon is a mother, writer, teacher whose debut children’s book, “Petunia”, has just been released on Amazon.

Shaped by her experiences growing up Southern, lk herndon tells sweet and simple stories. She earned her BA in Political Science, her MFA in Creative Non-Fiction and has spent more than a decade teaching high school subjects such as: AP Language and American Literature, Honors World Literature, World History, and American History.

While her days are spent in the classroom, the balance of time is spent as Mama to her Monogram Mafia (alongside her very favorite partner-in-chaos, former high school sweetheart and now husband of nearly seven years, BJ). Sneaking in time to write between the snuggles and squeals, lk herndon graces the world with a sneak peek into real life adventures sprinkled with overgrown imaginations and uncommon sense.

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