Beauty & Body Advice from Old Me to Young Me


Baby girl watching her reflection in a white bedroom's mirrorWhile I like looking nice and feeling clean, the whole morning beauty routine sucks. I usually dread it, because it’s an hour I can never get back. Oh sure, the end result is worth it, unless my hair holds a mutiny, but it just takes too damn long.

I often wish I were a dude, JUST so I can be done quicker in the morning. While I’m combing, and blow-drying, and styling my long hair and standing there bored, my husband LOVES to jump out of the shower, run a towel through his hair (that is already dry somehow) and yell: “DAMN, I sure hate how long it takes to do my hair!”

(I give him mental raspberries when he does that.)

There are things I need to do now to maintain beauty mistakes I made when I was younger. Had I known NOT to do those things, or had the Internet with which to Google (I was born in 1971, computers were like what caveman thought of fire) I might be able to shorten the routine to 45 minutes a day…



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