Back to School is Not So Cool


Back to School!  The phrase every parent loves to hear and dreads at the same time.  Summer has been fun.  There were many adventures to be had and getting some quality time together was priceless.  However, too much quality time can become draining and school offers that perfect break parents long for.  Some moms find themselves dancing at the bus stop that first day back to school and others find themselves dreading the new schedule.  Children going back to school should be celebrated, but for many it is another disturbance in the family bubble.

Routine Changes

It’s no longer summertime.  Bedtimes are reinforced and training begins for the early rise-and-shine.  Parents need to remember to fight that urge to say “Forget it, let’s just sleep in.”  If this occurs the walk of shame to the school’s office for being late is not so much fun.  The process is much easier if training begins at least two weeks prior to going back to school.

Optimistic woman

  • Get into the habit of sending the kids to bed half an hour earlier each night until the normal school days bedtime is reached. Doing this gradually will help the parents and the children adjust more smoothly.
  • Start setting that alarm a half an hour earlier each morning. Parents and kids need to get back into a healthy routine which means no more sleeping in.

Homework!   back to school

The worst part of going back to school is all the homework and projects that are brought home.  It’s bad enough that an adult went through it once, but now that homework has returned with their children.  It’s time to dust off that brain and start working that muscle out once more.  Do the kid a favor and have him/her complete homework as soon as they can after school.  This makes for a less cranky and more focused child.

For the younger children going back to school, expect lots of art projects to make their way home.  These pictures, painting, and sculptures that are covered in cotton balls and bright colors are cherished by the little one.  However, they create clutter in the home and let’s face it most of it is junk they won’t let parents throw out.  Just remember to toss the unneeded projects while they are at school and not under their watchful eye.

Back to school shopping. 

The best part on going back to school is when parents hand over even more money to their child’s education.  Not only have the parents covered the registration, books, and lunch fees, but they also need to buy required supplies and new clothes.

  • Buy supplies while they are on sale. Place like Staples, Walmart, and Kmart will run excellent sales on these items ahead of time.  Some even run a penny sale, just be sure to check listings for the heads up and arrive early before inventory is gone.
  •  back to school
  • Some schools work with uniforms and that is great for avoiding the back to school clothing sales. However, there are many schools that still operate with normal clothing.  It is best to set a budget and try to save for the venture.  Search out the local sales and do not overspend.  If the child is a girl in the tween or teenage years, good luck!

It’s not all bad

Remember that going back to school may be stressful at first and even a bit costly, but it’s not all bad.  Now the kids are back in school being educated and most importantly getting quality time away from home.  This is quality time that many parents need to repair their sanity.


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