The Baby Box Co. Review


BBC-Elephants_028_copy_largeThe Baby Box Co. makes the perfect baby shower gift even for a mother who already has everything. Newborns sleep a lot and even with a baby monitor, a mother loves to watch her baby sleep and the baby box doubles as a beautiful and fully portable crib or napping place. It’s lined with a fitted and waterproofed covered mattress and includes a 100% cotton sheet, a lovey for the baby to cuddle and a muslin swaddling blanket so that baby is comfortable and close by all the time.

There’s more inside the box, all of the essentials that are needed for those somewhat stressful first few months of the baby’s life. The women who started The Baby Box Co. have a very interesting story inspired by the gifts given to the women in Finland by the Finnish government. Jennifer Clary and Michelle Vick loved the way that these boxes helped Finnish mothers to get started and noticed the decrease in Sudden Infant Deaths among Finnish children. They even implemented a “one for one” program that gives a Baby Box to a mother in need for each one that is purchased. These women have the amazing dream to bring the essentials to mothers around the world, making every place as great as Finland to raise a baby.

WILLAELEPHANTS1_largeEverything in this box is safe and made of natural fibers and the two pacifiers are BPA free so, no matter who you’re giving it to, you won’t have to worry about allergies and specific concerns of the mother that you’re gifting it to. There’s a onesie, a healthcare kit, a pair of socks, a bib, washcloth, mittens, cap, burp cloth, and all kinds of samples to try out. Even if this is a second (or third or fourth) baby that the mother you’re giving this baby box to is having, she can never get enough of these things and the box itself is so pretty and convenient that she’ll definitely love it. You’ll feel good about this gift knowing that your purchase helped a mother in need and the person you give it to will feel good about that as well. You can’t go wrong with The Baby Box Co.!


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