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Pregnant woman in labor does ‘Tootsie Roll’ dance to alleviate pain! #GoingViral She is just amazing! Dancing to "Tootsie Roll" to alleviate pain!

This child dancing to Aretha Franklin is fiercer than you or I will ever...

Little girl Johanna steals the show at dance recital with "Respect" performance! She is just awesome!

Guilty dog apologizes baby for stealing her toy! #GoingViral

This video is too cute! Watch this dog steal baby's toy and then repents by showering her with gifts!  

Baby’s Reaction to Seeing His First Dandelion Is Too Cute! #GoingViral Be ready to laugh!! :)  

Hilarious baby’s reaction to eating avocados! #GoingViral

Watch Hilarious Expressions of a Cute Baby After Trying Avocados For the First Time!

MUST SEE! Baby dancing to “Turn Down For What”! #GoingViral

This is a must see video! This adorable baby is dancing to "Turn Down For What". Hilarious!

MUST watch! 7 week old baby clearly says “HELLO!” #GoingViral

Incredible video of a 7 week old baby saying "hello" to his mom! Too cute!  

Cute Beagle and Baby Video! #GoingViral

Cute Beagle surprised his little baby friend and created a ball party in her crib!! Too cute!

Little Girl Dancing Like Her Mother!! So Awesome! #GoingViral

Why moms get NOTHING DONE! :) MUST SEE! #GoingViral

Yep! Looks about right :)