Am I Raising “Mr. Independent”?


Two year old boy eats porridge in the morning.I feel like this couldn’t even begin to be possible but in my mind my soon to be toddler had years before he wanted to start doing things on his own, or so I thought! Color me dumbfounded when in the recent weeks I’ve witnessed my 10 month old baby show his independence!

Slow your roll little one you are no Beyonce and we will not be singing Independent “Baby” anytime soon! Are you rolling your eyes at me yet? But as the Easter Bunny as my witness I swear to you this kid is by no means hiding his want to do things his own way. Let’s give an example, shall we?

Little D has been using his walker a lot more recently, doing his light stretches of walking around the house, bouncing around like he just does not care. Here comes mama to offer assistance with turning and holding the walker for this novice roamer and what does he do? He moves my hand out of the way! One time thing, you say – sure, sure. My next piece of evidence that I’m raising a “Mr. Independent” is feeding time. Those days of easily spoon feeding my child as we happily cooed and awed over every bite: cue music from Lady and the Tramp: are now becoming few and far between.

Whilst preparing Little D’s recent two meals and laying pieces of food onto his tray for him to practice picking food up, a task he’s all too familiar with, was quickly shunned when mama came in to give the first bite of food. He immediately turns his face and gives me this look, a look as if to say “come on, are you kidding?” – I return his look and raise him with a “what is the problem you like chicken” to be responded with my boy picking up that said piece of chicken and placing it into his own mouth! Now, I don’t know about you but…I’m starting to get a complex! Is my boy really that independent or is he trying to give me the ol’ “its not you it’s me”? Why don’t you need me! Can’t you wait until you’re older and rebel like every other teenager on the planet Earth?!: deep breaths, deep breaths.

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