First Time Mom Advice: The Overbearing Grandparents – Friends or Foe?


Let Your Time with Your Child Be YOUR Time

Your first child may be your parents’ first grandchild and that often means that they want to spend every waking minute with you and the baby. For the first few weeks, you’ll probably enjoy the help but after a while, you’ll want your own time to bond with your baby, just you and her. You don’t want to hurt your parents’ feelings by telling them to leave, but they are always there and it begins to get a little annoying…or even really annoying.

  • Don’t give in to that urge to scream at them to leave. Establish your time alone with your baby before that point comes.
  • Let them know that you appreciate all of their help during those first few weeks by giving them a “grandparents gift” like a collage of pictures of them and the baby.
  • Tell them that they are still welcome in your home, but that you simply want some time alone to bond with your new baby.

Schedule Grandma and Grandpa Time

In order to help your parents feel like you’re not pushing them out of your and your baby’s life, schedule specific time for them to spend with their grandchild. Let them spend time with her alone at their house once in a while or bring her out for fun times as she gets older. You’ll be happy for the time that you get to have to yourself (good book and a cup of tea anyone?) and they’ll be able to see their grandchild on a regular basis. Look for compromises but keep reinforcing your parenting decisions!



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