First Time Mom Advice: The Overbearing Grandparents – Friends or Foe?


mom tips overbearing grandparentsYour first child is very special – and very scary. As a first time Mom, there are a lot of things that make your anxiety run high from over analyzing every burp and gurgle (is she choking or just spitting up?!) to panicking when she won’t stop crying at night (I changed her, fed her, burped her, and played with her. Why won’t she stop?!?!). She can’t tell you what’s wrong and so your mind decides that everything could be wrong. So, you turn to the person that you know did this before: your Mom. Grandparents can be a godsend with your first child, but they can also be a nightmare. As you start to get the hang of things and make your own decisions based on your own opinions, you want their support and they don’t always give it. They know that you turned to them because they did the parenting thing before and they use that like it’s powerful ammunition. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stand your ground when it comes to the things that you want to do to raise your child, and there are ways that you can deal with overbearing grandparents.

Be Firm in Your Decisions

If you don’t want your baby sitting in front of the television and your Mom says, “I did it with you and you turned out fine!” you don’t have to just give in because she made a case. You’re the parent here and you may want to do things differently so tell her that. Don’t yell or attack her parenting style but be firm in your decision. Try something like, “I know that I did, Mom, and I love you but this is my child and my decision. I’m not saying that you did anything wrong in your parenting, I’m simply saying that I’m doing things differently.”


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