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Each sponsored newsletter is solely dedicated to promoting your brand’s message, alongside our relevant and engaging content. Offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Available newsletters include seasonal, topical, and life stage specific, to best compliment your needs.

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Develop a trusted relationship with consumers through singular posts, categorized content, and specialized features, like our Mompreneur program, to ensure your brand’s message receives an extraordinary amount of targeted exposure with the right audience, at the right time.

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Highlight your brand and products through focused promotions, reviews, and giveaways, to gain unparalleled attention and deeply influence those Moms looking for guidance through each life stage.

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Create a positive impact and effectively and economically extend your brand’s reach through engaging and valuable contests and giveaways that will capture buyer awareness, develop relationships with potential customers, and ultimately drive ORI.

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Optimize your returns and increase brand visibility with your targeted audience by utilizing %100 of the marketing space available. Customized landing pages can convert your ad to selected purchase points, sign-ups, searches, and more.

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Promote your brand to a targeted audience of Moms who use or could potentially use your products and services. Through our MomsTV channel you can choose to either sponsor the entire channel or an individual video series in a variety of ways: product placement, brand integration, pre/post roll, banner ads, and underwriting.

Our Mompreneur section is comprised of thousands of mom-owned businesses in a variety of areas such as fashion, skin care, jewelry, cleaning services, marketing and more. Tap into our extensive network by positioning your company and your expertise in front of these entrepreneurial moms and Moms Magazine’s audience.