9 Ideas for Old Fashioned Summer Fun For Kids


Old Fashioned Kids Game of JacksLet’s face it–whether we like it or not, we live in an age of technology where kids are attached by their thumbs to their iPods and video games.  Don’t you wish you could just turn back the pages of time?  Well, this summer you can!  Convince your kids to unplug and get outside and enjoy some old fashioned summer fun.  Below are fantastic family-friendly games to help you reconnect with your kids this summer.

1. Play outdoors.  Get some chalk and make a hopscotch design on the sidewalk. Number each square, find some smooth stones, and get to hoppin’!

2. Play jacks.  Make up different rules of picking the jacks up off the floor, such as clapping your hands before you pick up the jacks, tapping the floor before you pick up the jacks, or picking them up by onsies, twosies, or threesies.  Make it more challenging for older kids.

3. Jump rope with the neighborhood kids.  Play double dutch and show the kids how to jump both ropes at the same time.

4. Younger kids always love to play Duck, Duck, Goose.  No equipment is required and kids of all ages can get involved.  It can be played outdoors on the grass or in the living room on a rainy day.  The person who is “it” walks around the perimeter of the circle and touches each person’s head and says, “duck,” “duck” until he reaches the person he wants to be chased by around the circle, then he says “goose.”  The kids then race around the circle to see who can get to the open seat first.  The person left standing is “it” next.

5. Play Mother, May I?  One player is the “mother” or “father.” Everyone else stands a distance way facing the mother/father.  Each player is given a set of instructions in turn, such as, “You may take 5 baby steps forward” or “You may take 4 scissor steps sideways.”  Each play must say “Mother/ Father may I?”  The Mother/Father player replies “Yes, you may.”  If a player forgets to ask permission, he must go back to the starting position.  The first person to reach the Mother/Father person then becomes the leader.

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