7 Reasons Why Hanging Out with Your Adult Friends is Totally OK


As anyone who is a parent knows, children are an ever-consuming business. The free time you had before and the moments of silence are numbered. Rare. Far between. Even fewer are the evenings spent with adult friends, real friends who aren’t the curious face of a stuffed George staring at you from across the Tea Party with fake tea. And while those evenings of hanging out with adult friends are the first thing to go in the new life of parenthood, it is the exact thing that should stay.

We celebrated my birthday this week and instead of celebrating it with my small, toddler kiddos, husband and I tried something different: a day out with our grown, adult friends. At first, there was a twinge of guilt. The mommy in me, who gives up her last piece of bacon even though bacon is her favorite anything on the planet, felt bad that I wasn’t taking them with us, that I was leaving them behind. But by the end, there was no trace of guilt and I was glad we did it. Here are a few reasons you should rethink the importance of hanging out with your adult friends:

Why hanging out with adult friends is totally OK

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  1. Jen what a very good article which I am sure anyone with kids or who has had kids can definitely relate to. Thanks for putting in words what many parents feel.


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