7 Great Ways for Moms to Make Extra Money

Image: Purchased from Fotolia
Image: Purchased from Fotolia

As moms, we want our families to be happy, healthy and secure, and an important piece of that puzzle is financial security. Recent economically challenging times have introduced new financial realities and many of us could use additional income to move beyond living paycheck to paycheck, reduce debt, increase retirement savings or save for our children’s college fund. Here are a few ways for moms to make extra money with a side hustle.

Of the Month Club

Who doesn’t love receiving a special treat each month via e-mail or in the mailbox? A subscription based business or “of the month” club involves sending a physical or digital product to customers for a subscription fee. This business model is amazing as it allows you to have recurring, guaranteed income. Some examples include “Little Passports,” which sends adventure kits to kids starting at $12.95 per month and “Birchbox,” which mails a monthly beauty and grooming kit containing 4-5 personalized beauty samples for 3, 6 or 9 months, for $10 a month.

Children’s Party Planning

Do your guests rave about the parties you plan for your kids? From the decorations to the menu and activities, add your zest for party planning and create a business. Put a smile on the faces of kids and their parents and profit at the same time!

Sell with Amazon FBA (“Fulfillment By Amazon”)

The Fulfilled by Amazon program allows sellers to store products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and then Amazon ships to the customer when ordered. Many are finding great success with this program by finding clearance items online or in stores and reselling them for profit or buying private label items, rebranding them and offering them for sale through Amazon.


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