7 Great Ways for Moms to Make Extra Money


Host Dinner Parties

Are you known as the “ hostest with the mostest”? Hosting dinner parties as a business enterprise is becoming increasing popular and can be quite profitable. Decide on an exciting theme, location, activities and a menu that will impress. Finalize pricing and invite your guests to your unique dining experience!

Start Blogging

I’m definitely not saying the road will be easy; but the journey will be exciting when you start your own blog. Find an interest — whether cooking, traveling or toddler care. Research to determine viability. Buy a domain, install WordPress and start writing. Make money through affiliate marketing, selling your own digital and/or physical products and advertising.

Join the Freelancing Revolution

Use your existing writing, editing, graphic design or other skills and sell your services on sites like Elance, Upwork or Fiverr. Make a list of your skills and talents and determine which ones are in highest demand.

Get Creative!

Would you like to create an innovative business that improves lives and adds to your bottom line? Assess the needs of your community. Find a problem that desperately needs a solution. Get input from family and friends. Consider various solutions for the problem and create a product or service that solves the problem.

You have unique gifts and talents like no other. Starting a side business or project will allow you to use your skills and increase the financial security of your family. Start brainstorming and make it happen!
Kim Hall is an Attorney and Founder of SideHustleHQ.com, the premier resource for those interested in side businesses, side jobs and short term money-making ventures. She is committed to providing individuals with side hustle ideas and the best tools and resources to make more money.




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