7 Children’s Activities That Can Give You 15 Minutes All to Yourself


After ten years of being a working mom, God opened the door for me to fulfill my dream of staying home with my babies.toys-in-the-floor

My head was filled with visions of morning cups of coffee while children sat contently watching Sesame Street.  My home was going to be tidy and welcoming and we would have picnics in the front yard.  And quiet time with God?  Oh, it was going to happen every day.  After all, I would have so much more time since I would not be working a 9 to 5.

Go ahead, you seasoned stay-at-home moms, take a moment and giggle at my naïveté. Imagine my surprise when one week into my new gig my status on Facebook read, “When exactly am I supposed to shower?” One of my dear friends commented, “You must be doing it wrong. Don’t you know we stay-at- home moms have nothing but time?”


Now, three years in, I can laugh at myself.  And, you’ll be happy to know, I have figured out when to shower.

Being a mom is a non-stop, exhausting, amazing, make you want to scream, but would not trade it for anything kind of job.  But, for those days when you really need to drink that cup of coffee in peace, here are some great ways to briefly occupy your little ones without spending a fortune or messing up your house.


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