5 Ways to Turn Your Pregnancy Cravings into Healthy Eating


Pregnant woman eating tomatoesWhen you’re pregnant, there are torrents of hormones coursing through your veins that make you think you absolutely must have a chocolate bar or some cheese curls or an entire carton of ice cream. These cravings are real but ultimately they are a sign that your body wants something that it’s not getting. When you understand the nature of your cravings and the underlying cause of each one, you can find a healthy alternative that satisfies your desires and keeps you and your baby growing strong.

  1. Calcium

One of the most popular cravings during pregnancy is for ice cream. While the desire for something cold and creamy might be what your body wants, it could also be a sign that you need more calcium. It’s important that you talk to your doctor before adding extra milk or cheese products to your diet. A good substitute would be frozen Greek yogurt, perhaps with fruit mixed in or even a little cocoa powder or vanilla bean. You’ll get the satisfaction with the texture, flavor and nutrients.

  1. Dietary Variety

Of course, with ice cream come the pickles. It’s been said that there is a “pickles and ice cream” cliché associated with pregnancy cravings.  Desiring pickles and other sour foods is likely a sign that your body is craving some variety in your diet. When you’re pregnant, especially if you have a job or other children to take care of, you get into a routine with what you eat. It’s easy to forget to add a little variety now and then. However, pickles are high in sodium which could put you at risk for high blood pressure and all of the complications that come with it. Kimchee (a type of cabbage) is a very versatile food that may satisfy this craving. Another alternative is salsa with a diced tomato base. The dressings and other varieties of salsa may do a good job of meeting your desire for something sour. Stay away from sour candies high in processed sugar.


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