5 Ways to Use Music at Home to Promote Learning, Enhance Creativity, and Teach Listening Skills


4. Introduce an instrument. Piano is a wonderful first instrument to learn and can be started as early as age 2 or 3! Music should be considered as important as language and math. Learning to read music and play an instrument at the same time as learning reading, writing and mathematics helps connect the left and right brain in a way that will benefit the mind for the rest of one’s life.

5. Listen to instrumental music. Mozart, Bach and Beethoven are prime choices for children because they have simple melodies that are repetitious.  Listening to music is a wonderful way to teach children the important skill of listening. While listening to an instrumental piece of music ask your child what instruments they hear. Do they hear a piano, drum, trumpet, or violin? Being able to listen to numerous instruments playing at once and being able to pick out specific instruments is a great skill that promotes development and intelligence. Surprisingly, some adults have a difficult time being able to do this. Listening skills can be taught at a very young age and will stick with your children into adulthood.

Lastly, let’s not forget that music is fun! Listening to music can be as effective as taking a happy pill! If you’re feeling run down, turn on your favorite tunes and have a dance party with your little ones. If your children are bouncing off the walls and it’s almost nap time, turn on some quiet instrumental music. If you make music apart of your life your children will learn to make it apart of their life. What a wonderful skill to pass on to your children!

Campbell, D. (1997) The Mozart Effect. New York, NY: Avon Books.


  1. Great article. Many parents are using my sleep Cd to settle their children to sleep with great results. It encourages parents to sing the sweet lullaby and the instrumental allows relaxation into deep sleep. My toddler was three when I first used it and now, almost eight still listens to it when he cannot settle to sleep. He also has been playing piano for three years and has perfect pitch. Music is wonderful and we share our love of piano together.

  2. Hi Deb,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience using music at home with your children! Tell us about your sleep CD, it sounds great! Piano is a great instrument to begin with, glad to hear your son is enjoying music so much! The benefits truly are amazing!

    Thanks again for your comment!

  3. My last child born after a 21 year gap, was a cat napper at first, and then could take 2-3 hours to settle to sleep as a toddler. As a night duty neonatal nurse, I was so tired and desperate for him to get to sleep and settled before I started work. On nights off, I wanted to go to sleep early, but he had other ideas. As a new to music mum, I composed a sleep song…it worked! He has listened to my sleep lullaby lyrics and instrumental over many years, whenever he found it difficult to relax to sleep.
    I knew I had to share it with other sleep deprived parents and toddlers. I developed the arrangement so that it was specifically designed to get toddlers to sleep and added merchandise for fun sleep experiences. Developed commercially, it has worked for hundreds of other parents. My son has perfect pitch and plays piano. I truly think the early exposure has been the key factor in this. He is about to play at his first piano comp. A great way to share his music and a boost to his confidence. He has done a great job at staying focussed on the music piece, and just learning that, is an important life skill. Regards Deb Herdman.


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