5 Ways to Sneak Healthy Foods into Your Picky Eater’s Diet


No MoreEvery mom has dealt with the struggle of getting kids to eat their vegetables or want fruit instead of ice cream. You put peas and carrots in with the macaroni and cheese or try to give them fruit pops instead of a bowl of ice cream but as soon as they see the box or taste the non-artificial flavor, they make a face that says “you gotta be kidding me, Mom, did you really think that would work?” Don’t give up yet! Try some of these tips for sneaking healthy foods into your picky eater’s diet and see if they notice the difference. Maybe next time you’ll get a smile instead of a smirk.

  1. Color and Texture

In many cases, the taste has nothing to do with why your child spits out their vegetables. The color and texture could be what bothers them. For instance, you can try mashing up shelled peas and other colorful vegetables and add them to mashed potatoes. Make it fun! Tell them that they are getting special rainbow mashed potatoes and maybe, just maybe, they’ll love it and want more.

  1. Packaging

Fast food companies and prepared food manufacturers spend millions of dollars to create packaging that is appealing to children. So, when they see you take out a container of chicken fingers that you painstakingly baked the night before; they shun it before you ever put the plate in front of them. You can combat this by creating your own appealing packaging. Print out labels for your leftovers that mimic your child’s favorite packaged foods. This works for snacks too that you portion into sandwich bags. They’ll think that your home made and healthy food is the same as the packaged stuff that isn’t as good for them.



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