5 Ways Parents Can Get Their Teens Interested in Yoga


3. Ask Them to Do a Trial Session

Many yoga centers offer free trial sessions, which are designed for individuals who are not sure whether yoga is right for them. So, it is the best way for hesitant teens to try the practice without their parents spending anything for it.  Yoga trial passes are good for a few sessions of yoga so your teen doesn’t have to feel like she has to make any serious commitments at the moment, but will be able to see for themselves what goes on in a yoga class and if it’s something they would love to continue.

 4. Practice What You Preach 

You can try practicing yoga first. If you and your teen are pretty close, you can easily get them to join you if they see how much you’re enjoying it and how it is benefiting your body and mind. 

5. Show Them Who Else Is Doing It 

It would be great if you could start yoga and, simply by this, get your teen to join you. But at this stage of parenting, most teens are trying to break away from their parents. One way to show them that yoga is cool is by showing them famous and reputable people doing it such as celebrities, artists and professional athletes.


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