5 Ways Parents Can Get Their Teens Interested in Yoga


parents teenagers yogaThe teenage years are some of the most stressful time in most people’s lives. Likewise, raising a teen is one of the most challenging periods of parenting. If you go back to your own adolescence, you would remember how a teen has to deal with so many changes all at once – physically, psychologically and emotionally – while balancing academic responsibilities with social needs.

Finding ways for your children to cope with stress is part of parenting. One way to help teens deal with stress is by introducing them to yoga. The practice of yoga is an excellent mechanism to help teens manage stress. It can also help build self-esteem and a healthy body image while providing many benefits to the body such as better coordination, flexibility and strength.

So, how do you get your teen to practice yoga? This can be challenging since it’s quite difficult to get a teenager, especially one full of angst and always texting, interested in anything their parents have to say. Here are 5 ways you can try to spark their interest in yoga.

1. Let Them Know the Benefits of Yoga

You can be straightforward about this by simply telling your teen that you think it would be great for her to start yoga and then tell them why. Make sure to connect it with her needs. For instance, is your teen having trouble sleeping? Talk to her about Bed Yoga, which is a form of yoga meant to help promote a well-rested sleep. If you notice your teen is starting to be conscious about her weight, then tout the benefits of yoga in weight management and fitness.

2. Consider Your Teen’s Interests

Whether your teen is an athlete or an academic achiever, yoga has something good for them. The key is to play up the benefits of yoga to suit your teenager. If he is serious about his studies, let him know how yoga can develop keen concentration and mental clarity to help him perform better at school. If major exams are coming up and this is causing your teens stress, yoga techniques can help calm nerves before taking a test. For teen athletes, they can turn to yoga both for its mental benefits and benefits to improving the body.


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