5 Ways To Help YOUR Separation Anxiety When Going Back to Work


mom deal with separationWhether you’ve had a few weeks of maternity leave to spend with your new baby or a few years to raise your children before they start school, heading back to the office is not easy for any Mom. You may have anxiety about someone else caring for your child or simply miss her as soon as she gets on the bus for kindergarten. While you’re at work, all you can think about is that you’re missing the morning kids’ show lineup and that it’s time for snack and you hope she has her favorites. You’re not a weirdo for preferring the company of your child to that of your coworkers and there are a few ways that you can cope with your separation anxiety until you can get back home to her adorable laugh and hear about how she spent her day.

1. Keep Your Child with You

Bring in pictures, artwork that she makes you, or even wear a locket with a picture of you and her inside it that is close to your heart at all times. Whenever you miss her, you can remember that she is with you all the time in your pictures and the things that she made and brought home to proudly show you.

2. Schedule a Visit

Have your parenting partner bring your child to work for lunchtime if she’s not at school or go home for lunch. If you’re going at the parenting thing solo, you can try and schedule a daycare visit during your lunchtime, especially if there is a daycare center in your office building. If this is not possible or your child is already in school, make some time to call her at the time that she gets home. Even better, schedule a video chat!


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