5 Tips To Help You Cook Dinner Faster


5 Tips To Help You Cook Dinner Faster

There are times, when you can take your sweet time and cook a nice dinner. Maybe you wanted to impress your family and decided to experiment with a fantastic new recipe you’ve heard great things about. With curiosity you flip through the pages of a new cookbook and quietly dream to cook every single recipe from it. You dream how delicious they will taste and everyone in your family will love what you have made. No complaining! Just asking for more!

There are also the times, especially during the busy weekdays, and you are rushing home. Everyone is tired and hungry (and maybe cranky too). You hear somebody screaming: “Mom! I am hungry!” 🙁 🙁

Then you hear somebody else asking: “Honey, is dinner ready yet?”

Your family just wants to eat. You only have 20 minutes to get dinner on the table. Sounds like a daily Amazing Race challenge in your family kitchen, right?

We are sharing 5 proven tips to help you get that dinner finished a bit faster to feed the hungry (and sometimes cranky) crowd.

1. Defrost meats the night before.
5 Tips To Help You Cook Dinner Faster -- imadethisdish.comFrozen meats takes a while to defrost. After you get home from work, you probably don’t want to wait 4-5 more hours until meat is ready to cook. Might as well go to bed by then.  Instead, pull your meat from the freezer the night before and leave it in the fridge section. Next day it would be nicely defrosted and ready to cook.

2. Boil the water ASAP.
5 Tips To Help You Cook Dinner Faster -- imadethisdish.comAs soon as you get home, start that water boiling right away. Forget about taking off your jacket, maybe you can take off the shoes to keep that floor clean. Don’t forget to put a lid on. It’s your BFF (best fried forever), the lid will help heat that pot even faster.


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