5 Things Moms Shouldn’t Fear


fear-617132_1280There are 5 things every mom shouldn’t fear when raising a tiny tot.

1. Growth —  Let’s face it, there’s nothing we can do about it, our children will grow. They’ll grow both in height and wisdom and that’s something we shouldn’t fear as moms. Of course, who doesn’t want to just smell the scent of baby lotion on their soft skin, their little kicks, and get an occasional hand in your mouth every once in a while? It’s important to know that the same little human who loved you from day one, will love you for the rest of your life but show you in different ways.

2. Mud Pies — No one can resist a good mud pie, right? *insert giggles. With all the rain, my kiddo enjoyed playing in the mud and watching them dry in the sun/oven, as she called it. She ‘fed’ them to the entire family. It was priceless to witness the glow in her eyes. She’d ‘cooked’ a meal for us all to enjoy. Awe, the little things.

3. Germs — Well germs are inevitable with our little explorers. I don’t care how many times you wash their hands, wipe them with cleansing cloths, or pull out your armored sanitizer, your kiddo will not be germ free – so what’s to fear? Let them enjoy being a kid and not this 2015 version of everything will kill you. They have life to live and let them be great while doing it.

4.  The Boo-Boo’s — Scraped knees, busted lips, sore ankles, black eyes – you’ll see it all along your journey in motherhood. You may occasionally see a broken bone or two or three. Yes, your kiddo will send your heart in to a frenzy when you see these but trust me you have the innate ability to handle it. Didn’t you know mommy is the nurse, counselor, teacher, maid, and nurturer?

5. Hugs — Don’t ever fear the HUGS your kiddo will give you. With time, their little arms that couldn’t reach around you will one day wrap all the way around – weight gain and all, and it’ll feel just the same because it’s done in love. The hugs just get better with time!

See Moms, there’s nothing to fear about your role. You’re doing an awesome job and your kiddo will never forget how Mommy makes them feel – whether they’re a tiny tot or a 30 year old woman or man.

Hang in there and be great!

What are some things you’d add to the list? Be sure to share the wealth!




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Ebony Combs is an author, speaker, renovation strategist, social media correspondent, and contributor to Moms magazine and Women’s Elevation magazine.

Her message? Be totally transparent with yourself and the world to inspire true healing, restoration and inspiration.

As a single mother, Combs knows first-hand the struggles of overcoming adversity and has most-resiliently done so. Known as the Naked Professor™ she is determined to influence other women to pursue their dreams. Best known for her tell-it-like-it is approach to life, the women’s transformation advocate is creator and CEO of iamebony.com, an online women’s lifestyle blog that empowers women and positions them for prosperity.

Combs was chosen one of six women to become the first-ever ambassadors for My Black Is Beautiful (MBIB)—a Procter & Gamble initiative designed to empower and encourage Black women.

She has appeared in a number of publications, including O, The Oprah Magazine, EBONY, Essence and Uptown magazines. She has also been a guest on Radio Therapy with Terrance J, Divas & Dorks and Cocktails with Mom.

A native Oklahoman and a graduate of Oklahoma State University, Combs holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership Studies and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration.

She resides in Texas with her vivacious daughter, Zari.


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