5 Snacks That Should Be Banished From the Home


mom healthy snacksThere is a general perception among some health-conscious moms that snacking is not good. But this depends on what you’ll be snacking on. Snacking the right way can keep cravings at bay and increase the quality of dietary nutrition. Unfortunately, however, some of the most popular snacks are often filled with sugar, salt, extra calories, and even toxic substances. Sometimes, even seemingly healthy snacks are not actually good for you. Here are five snacks that moms should banish from the home.

1. Potato Chips

This snack poses a triple threat to health. First, potato chips contain high levels of sodium, calories and fat. Second, potato is a high-glycemic food, which can cause blood sugar spikes. Lastly, potatoes release a harmful nerve-damaging chemical when they are heated to high temperatures.

2. Canned Fruits

Canned pineapples, canned peaches and other canned fruits seem like excellent choices for a quick snack. However, these products are laden with sugar, but lacking in nutritional value. Any mom would be better off choosing frozen fruits, which were frozen at their ripest. Canned fruits also contain plenty of sweeteners such as heavy syrup, so fruits typically canned are not the most flavorful, which is usually the most nutritious. To make things worse, the cans used are lined with toxic preservatives.

3. Yogurt with Fruit Mix

Regular yogurt without fat is bland and thin, unlike Greek yogurt which is creamy and thick. To compensate for the loss of fat and to add flavor, manufacturers mix in high- sugar fruits so check the labels.


  1. I still love granola bars as a kids snack (and for me too). This is why I started making my own. It’s funny how I had the usual brand ones at a work meeting one day and it tasted horrible – my taste buds now prefer the homemade ones now.

    • Hi Simple Holistic Girl – thanks for stopping by Moms Magazine! Homemade granola is the best – and so much better for you, especially with all the great syrup choices out there today. It’s not surprising your taste buds have changed towards the store-bought varieties!

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