5 Snacks That Should Be Banished From the Home


4. Granola Bars

These are some of the most popular snacks that are often touted as healthy. If you’re a mom who is trying to make healthy choices for your family, you probably buy granola bars often. However, the fact is almost all granola bars are very high in sugar. They are chock full of processed carbohydrates and sugary dried fruit. Some even have chocolate chips and other extras. Sometimes the bars are also bound together by some sweeteners such as honey or agave, but usually high fructose corn syrup is used, adding to the sugar content. What’s more, granola doesn’t contain a high amount of hunger-satisfying fiber and are typically calorie dense. It’s best to snack on this before a long hike or a physically demanding activity.

5. Dried Fruits

No matter how much you like fruits, you can only eat so many in one sitting. But dried fruits make it easy to have more than your fill of fruits. The bad news is, when fruit is shrunken down and dehydrated, its natural sugars are not extracted. So, in effect, eating dried fruits contribute to an increased sugar intake.

The Right Way to Snack

Eating a nutritious snack moderately a few hours prior to lunch or dinner can stave off hunger and prevent you from eating more than you should at mealtime. Every mom can include snacks in a healthy diet plan for their families by paying attention to everybody’s energy requirements and making sure snacks will not lead to excessive caloric consumption.

Eat sugary snacks occasionally and steer clear of foods with empty calories, which contain very little nutrition and are generally not filling. The best snacks that moms should keep in stock at home are whole foods that are relatively low in calories, but offer high nutritional value while providing a good amount of fiber.





  1. I still love granola bars as a kids snack (and for me too). This is why I started making my own. It’s funny how I had the usual brand ones at a work meeting one day and it tasted horrible – my taste buds now prefer the homemade ones now.

    • Hi Simple Holistic Girl – thanks for stopping by Moms Magazine! Homemade granola is the best – and so much better for you, especially with all the great syrup choices out there today. It’s not surprising your taste buds have changed towards the store-bought varieties!


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