5 Rules to Select a Living Room Rug


rugsA living room rug can say a lot about a homeowner’s personality, taste and style. So, to bring a welcome air into your living room you have to ensure that you choose the perfect one for it. Here are 5 rug rules to live by:

1. Choose an appropriate yet durable rug  If you have toddlers or pets in the house, you might not want to buy an expensive rug since it will have to endure trampling on a regular basis. Instead, get one that is in an appropriate price range, but is durable at the same time. If your budget is quite limited, make sure you look at various styles before making your final decision, as well.

2. High traffic should equal to darker rugs  On that note, higher traffic areas should have rugs with mid-range or darker patterns, so that the traffic is less visible. When it comes to this, you can also either match or contrast the rug’s colors to the wall and furniture colors. The choice is yours. If you shop online, though, keep in mind that the patterns and colors on the screen might not match the actual patterns and colors to a tee; so, be careful.

3. Choose a rug that complements your home decor and lighting  Before making your final decision, you will have to think about whether your rug of choice actually compliments your home decor as a whole especially matching with your sleeper sofas. After all, if your living room is already full of furniture, you have to make sure that any addition stays in tune with everything, right? Also, if your living room has a lot of light, you might want to think about getting a darker shade to go with it. For dual colors, sticking to colors that are next to each other on the color wheel would be a good idea, too.

4. Measure your rug area before shopping  The most common areas to place a rug in the living room would be in front of the sofa, under the coffee table. If you plan on doing this, make sure that you choose a rug that will fit exactly under the table, while extending the sofa’s width and length at the same time. If your living room is big, you might want to think about getting more than one.

5. Choose your rug material wisely  In a nutshell, rugs can be made out of natural or synthetic fibers. The latter is cheaper and easier to maintain, but there are also more expensive rugs that are environmentally friendly. In the end, you should really base your material choice on your personal budget and the area to place your rug in, though. Think about it.


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