5 Resolutions for Being a “Better” Mom in the New Year


5 Resolutions for Being a -Better-So, whether you come out and declare them or not, once the New Year’s festivities are over, you begin thinking about how you can improve something or another for the new year.

It’s rare that I actually sit down and make an actual list of my resolutions. Probably because I don’t want to actually have on paper how many things I really need to improve on–that’s too much pressure. Another reason why I don’t publicly declare my resolutions is because I don’t want anyone to know if I fail at keeping my end of the bargain — again, to0 much pressure.

However, here’s to a new year of change, so, I guess (with a teeny bit of reluctance) I will share my 5 resolutions for becoming a “better” mom in the new year, here goes —

5. Parenting with more patience. I have to get better at being patient. My mother-in-law reminds me all the time that they are just kids, and she is so right, and so patient. However, I am not on her level of parenting yet, okay. There’s levels to this stuff, and I’m a foot a soldier, and she’s like on the Jedi mind trick level.

I know this won’t happen overnight but I am going to try to yell less, cut down on the sarcastic comments to my kids (not promising anything), and try to be more understanding.

4. Spreading my time equally. With four, I can honestly admit that I do not spend equal amounts of time with my children. It seems that the toddler and the infant always get more of my time. Of course I know they require more hands on attention, but that’s still not fair to my older two.

This one is probably the hardest to admit. After all they didn’t exactly sign on as willing participants to be big brothers, we kind of made that decision for them. So, going into the new year I will try my hardest to make more hands on time for them. I have to.


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