5 Questions Every First-Time Mother Should Ask Her OBGYN


Pregnant woman at a doctor's surgeryAre you about to be a first-time mother? Whether you’ve waited two months or two years, your first pregnancy is exciting as well as nerve wracking. You are overcome with hormonal emotions ranging from extreme happiness to extreme anxiety. Every other mother that you know wants to give you advice and tell you stories about their pregnancies and soon you have an overwhelming amount of information and more questions than you ever think you can answer. You want to hit the books and talk to every doctor in a twenty mile radius to find out what’s really going on in your body. Before you check out every copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” that’s been published in the past two decades, take a deep breath and talk to your OBGYN about a few simple questions that may help to get you started.

  1. Can you recommend any reading materials?

There are more books on pregnancy than you can ever imagine and there are also magazines, blogs, and newsletters that all tell you about what might happen during your pregnancy. Some of them are reputable sources but others talk about things that have little chance of happening and may only scare you. Some also try to sway your opinion into one way of doing things that you may not be comfortable with. Your OBGYN will have some good suggestions about what to read while you’re pregnant.

  1. How should I change my diet?

There are so many conflicting opinions about what you should and shouldn’t eat when you’re pregnant. Your OBGYN will have a much more definitive outline about how you should change your diet or if you need to change it at all.


  1. I would add the questions of:

    What are the signs of preeclampsia? Am I at higher than typical risk?

    What are the signs of preterm labor?

    Who can I call if I have concerns after hours?


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