5 Lies Moms Tell


Moms are amazing. Moms are courageous. Moms are the cradle rockers who rule the world.

Moms are also liars.

Here are 5 lies moms often tell to others and themselves.

  1. rainI would love to play (fill in the blank) with you. My kids come up with the craziest games. Just the other day, one of them walked up to me and said, “Hey. Let’s pretend I’m a little girl who needs a cup and you own a store that sells cups.” Now, in my head, I was thinking, “What the what?” What I said, however, was, “I would love to pretend to sell cups to you.” Because that’s what moms do.
  2. I wasn’t that hungry anyway. There is something about the food on a mother’s plate that just seems more appetizing than the food on a child’s plate. I have witnessed this phenomenon time and time again. So, we give our children all the food right off of our own plate and then, later, hide in the bathroom eating a cupcake.
  3. I don’t mind if you come into the bathroom with me. I have not been to the potty alone since 2004. I have checked schoolwork, refereed arguments, admired works of art and read stories all from the bathroom. My rule is it’s all cool until you start making comments about the size of my bottom. Then, you’re out of there.
  4. I feel fine. The world does not stop when mama is ill. Bills need paid and babies need bathed. Meals need made and homework needs checked. And, well, those cups just aren’t going to sell themselves. {See lie number one.}
  5. I’ll be glad when this stage is over. We all think it. Life will be easier when this child can crawl, walk, talk, feed themselves, use the potty, drive, etc. Then, we look back and miss the days when they needed us to carry them, interpret their toddler talk, feed them, change them, take them places, etc. The truth is we love every stage – even if it’s only after the fact.


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