5 Ideas To Help You Reconnect With Your Spouse


3. Disconnect from the technology and talk.  Talk to each other.  For us, when the weather is nice, we like to sit on the back deck.  A glass of wine.  Perhaps a cup of coffee.  But we leave the phones inside and we look at each other.  We listen to music.  In the winter, we put pillows on the floor and snuggle by the fire.  We talk about each other’s day or issues we may have with the kids but we are present and not distracted.  This helps both of us feel important in the relationship.

4. Dinner Date.  Give whomever makes dinner the night off.  Order in.  And eat after the kids go to bed.  This allows you to share a meal (like on a date), makes for an easy clean up afterward and gives you more time to spend just the two of you, reminding each other why you got married in the first place. Plus, you don’t have to pay a babysitter.

5. Goal Set. Talk about hopes, fears, long term plans or ideas.  Reevaluate current situations.  Problem solve together.  This gives both people equal access to the long-term family plans and to maintain the partnership you began building so many years ago.  It ensures that both of you are invested in the long term health of the family and growing together instead of just coexisting in life.  Being on the same page about the big stuff makes it easier when you don’t agree on the little stuff.

No matter what you do, keeping a strong connection with your spouse is important to not just the health of the family but long lasting happiness and health of each of you, as well.

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Shaped by her experiences growing up Southern, lk herndon tells sweet and simple stories. She earned her BA in Political Science, her MFA in Creative Non-Fiction and has spent more than a decade teaching high school subjects such as: AP Language and American Literature, Honors World Literature, World History, and American History.

While her days are spent in the classroom, the balance of time is spent as Mama to her Monogram Mafia (alongside her very favorite partner-in-chaos, former high school sweetheart and now husband of nearly seven years, BJ). Sneaking in time to write between the snuggles and squeals, lk herndon graces the world with a sneak peek into real life adventures sprinkled with overgrown imaginations and uncommon sense.

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