5 Ideas To Help You Reconnect With Your Spouse


couple spend romantic evening drinking wineSometimes, kids create a disconnect between the parents.  There are times when I feel like it’s 9pm before my husband and I ever touch for the day, let alone speak to each other about anything other than the daily”ness” of our household.  Even our mundane conversations are interrupted with snacks and squeals and “Mommy let me ask you a question” and “Daddy I gotta show you something.”  Sometimes, being an adult is tough and we lose sight of why we wanted to do life with each other in the first place.

For some, this disconnect can lead to stagnation in a relationship, creating a communication issue that lasts years.  It’s not that anyone means to, it’s just that life happens and suddenly, you are totally exhausted and you haven’t carved out any time for each other.  Before you know it, it’s been months since you last actually talked and shared life with each other.  It’s not always feasible to go on a date but it is feasible to find time, nearly daily, for each other.  Here are 5 ideas to reconnect with your spouse in the midst of the distraction of the children.

1. Play together.  Set aside a time for Game Night.  Just the two of you.  Maybe it’s cards.  Maybe it’s a board game. Perhaps you like the challenge of an XBox or console game, whatever it is, find a game you both like to play and challenge each other.  At my house, it’s Scrabble – we even get out the Dictionary.  A little competition could lead to fun and when Mom & Dad are having fun …

2. Watch together.  Binge watch.  Don’t just randomly watch weekly TV, find a show you are both really interested in and either DVR it or find it on Netflix.  We love to cuddle up under blankets and binge watch TV together, especially TV that makes us think and question and talk.  It gives us something more to discuss than just work, chores, errands, or the kids.  Also, we aren’t stuck in different rooms doing different things.  We are together, next to each other, engaged in the same activity.  Sometimes, proximity is enough to help lessen the intimacy gap.

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lk herndon is a mother, writer, teacher whose debut children’s book, “Petunia”, has just been released on Amazon.

Shaped by her experiences growing up Southern, lk herndon tells sweet and simple stories. She earned her BA in Political Science, her MFA in Creative Non-Fiction and has spent more than a decade teaching high school subjects such as: AP Language and American Literature, Honors World Literature, World History, and American History.

While her days are spent in the classroom, the balance of time is spent as Mama to her Monogram Mafia (alongside her very favorite partner-in-chaos, former high school sweetheart and now husband of nearly seven years, BJ). Sneaking in time to write between the snuggles and squeals, lk herndon graces the world with a sneak peek into real life adventures sprinkled with overgrown imaginations and uncommon sense.

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