5 Healthy Foods To Eat Every Day For More Energy


glass of water with lemonEveryone can use an extra energy boost during the day. Whether it is to help you get through a long work day, a long road trip or a screaming child, energy is something that seems to get less and less as soon as we need more. Here are 5 healthy foods you can add to your diet every day to get the maximum amount of energy you need to get everything you want accomplished in your day.

1) Whole Grain Toast – Whole grains are packed with complex carbohydrates. They are the good carbohydrates that make energy for your body. Whole grains are great to have in the morning. They can also help you last longer between meals and help you avoid snacking.

2) Nuts – All kinds of nuts, from the peanut to the cashew are good for you and have many health benefits. Nuts are full of magnesium and fiber and can help keep your energy up. Be sure to always have some on you for easy snacking when needed. Try getting a bunch of different kinds of nuts and mix them in a bag together.

3) Fresh Fruit – There is nothing better than fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is packed with fiber and the natural sugar keeps your blood sugar steady. Try packing an apple or banana in your lunch or mix some berries together for a yummy smoothie.

4) Dark Chocolate – Believe it or not caffeine is a natural stimulant and one of the healthiest ways to ingest it is in dark chocolate. Just a little bit of dark chocolate can give you a quick caffeine energy bump right when you need it. Bonus if you get a berry coated in dark chocolate.

5) Lemon Water – Water is so amazing on its own, but if you add lemon to it you add electrolytes that are needed to produce energy. Drinking lemon water throughout the day will not only give you energy from the electrolytes, it also will keep you from dehydration, which usually makes people tired, especially women.

Just by starting your day with some fruit and whole grains, adding some nuts and dark chocolate for snacks, and stay hydrated by drinking lemon water all day you should have a great energy level and be ready to take on all those tasks you have on your “To Do” list for the day!

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Renee Arbia is the owner and writer of the blog, Next Generation Stay At Home Mom. She enjoys writing for many different websites as well as fiction for children and adults.


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