5 Great Indoor Activities For Snowed-in Kids


familymovieSnowy weather can bring a real challenge to any parent stuck in a house with stir-crazy kids. While it’s great to get them outdoors building snowmen and sledding down hills, they can’t stay out in the cold all day. Here are some great snowy day indoor activities to try with your kids once the cabin fever sets in!

Make your own magic potions. This is as easy as grabbing a bunch of plastic cups and whatever you’ve got on hand – flavored sparkling waters, soda, juice, even bouillon cubes if you want to be adventurous. If you have any colored sugar crystals, food coloring or sprinkles leftover from your holiday baking, throw those into the mix. Then give each child a pad of paper and pencil to write their potion recipes down, and tell them to have at it. Make sure they tell you what the potion does! They’ll get a real kick out of you meowing like a cat or only being able to talk in pig Latin after drinking it.

Create your own mini-golf course. If you have toy golf clubs and balls, that’s great, but a broom and any ball will work. Be creative! Set up Jenga or Lego towers; make the shooter maneuver around stuffed animals, through hula hoops or into overturned cups and baskets. Winner gets to pick what’s for dinner!


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