5 Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products for a Green Home


moms baby safe parentingMoms know how important it is to use safe, gentle, Eco-friendly cleaning products to protect the health of their loved ones and help keep a green home. Many commercially available cleaning agents can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems, due to their cocktail of chemicals. What’s even more worrying is the fact that many cleaning aids listed as green and safe don’t actually match this description.

A study introduced by the University of Washington reveals that more than a few cleaning products cataloged as natural and environmentally safe still comprise one or more elements emitting potentially dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This is a serious threat, taking into consideration that VOCs have been linked to a series of health concerns ranging from respiratory irritations to cancer. To help you avoid major risk factors and still keep your house clean and shiny, we have compiled a list of perfectly safe and effective Eco-conscious cleaning solutions that you may want to add to your shopping cart starting today.

1) Greener Laundry Cleaners. An Eco-friendly mom will always pay attention to the quality of the laundry detergent that she is using. Some laundry cleaners contain artificial fragrances and phosphates that pollute the water.  Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Liquid is different. It does not comprise phosphates and does not contain perfume.

2) Greener Rooms. Need a reliable universal cleaner that will help you eliminate dust and dirt particles in a timely fashion, without putting your health at risk? Bon Ami All Purpose Cleaner represents a good pick, mostly because it is nontoxic and 100% biodegradable.


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