5 Confessions Of An Obsessive Mom


4. I Over Pamper, Overdress And Over Plan – Here’s the thing! I am an overachiever! The kind of girl you hated in your class because she was the first one to volunteer to do anything. ANYTHING at all! Yes, I’m that girl! When it comes to my daughter, I am nothing less! I plan her outfits for birthday parties at least a week in advance. I indulge in the most pointless baby knickknacks and I’m pretty sure I am the most regular visitor and buyer at the toy store down the road. I’m also guilty of cramming my daughter’s schedule with everything right from art class, Spanish language to piano lessons. Sigh!

5. I Am ALWAYS Reading A Parenting Book – Before you judge me, let me say something in my defense. I am an avid reader. Always have been and always will remain. So it’s no surprise I resorted to parenting books right from the time I knew I was carrying. The right foods to eat, the right exercises to do, baby name ideas, cutsey baby outfits; you name it and I’ve read all about it! Even now, I keep up with new books and blogs to learn cool tips to be a better mum!

6. I Am Almost Always Talking About My Daughter – My single girlfriends always complain that I brag about my daughter a bit too much! Well, hello? Who else am I supposed to share my happy moments with? And besides, I don’t get a chance to head out on an exotic holiday every month like they do. My life revolves around my beautiful daughter! Do I miss my old life? Um, sometimes! Would I want to trade my present life for my old life? Totally not!

Are you a momzilla too? I’d love to hear your story! It’ll be comforting to know I’m not the only crazy mommy around!


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