5 Confessions Of An Obsessive Mom


Beautiful young mother and baby are gently touching nosesHi, I am Aradhana Pandey and I’m a mommaholic. There! I said it! Believe you me, it’s a huge weight off my chest. You know, it’s one of those things that people often point out about you and you know they’re true but you can never come to terms with them? It’s like telling a girl who loves her desserts that she’s fat; or telling a gamer that he’s sleep deprived. Hell yeah, we know who we are! Can you all stop rubbing it in? Why yes, I love my daughter and I want everything associated with her to be guarded and top notch! Is that too much to ask for? Or rather, strive for? I can go on ranting about my displeasure of the times people call me the mommy version of the “overly attached girlfriend” and now I think it’s time I finally came out! Here are my confessions on what it’s really like being a mom Nazi, unabashedly so:

1. I Take WAY Too Many Pictures Of My Daughter – My phone only has pictures of my daughter. None, of my husband and me, none of Instagram worthy food shots, not even of my fitter, sexier self back in the good old days! Am I sorry? Hells to the no! I love capturing every little first in my daughter’s life and sharing it with people who care. Truth be told, I don’t find anything (or anybody) as visually charming anymore. #SorryNotSorry.

2. I Freak Out Every Time She Sneezes – My daughter’s doctor has become my best friend. Not because we belong to the same clique, but rather because she’s the one person I reach out to almost every time my daughter is feeling slightly under the weather. I agree, I need to stop imagining the worst case scenarios in my head, but it’s just that I can’t help myself from thinking it could be because of the mud she swallowed while playing at the park or because her beanie came off while she was coming down a slide. I’m working on getting better, I promise.

3. I Cringe To The Thought Of Strangers Cuddling My Daughter – Germs! Infections! Viruses! They are almost every new mother’s worst nightmare, or at least they’re mine! I won’t lie; I love the attention, the “aww”s and “ooh so cute”s that my daughter gets! I feel like this proud artist who’s being appreciated for her work of art. What I don’t love is when strangers get a little too touchy feely with my girl. With all due respect, I am extreeeeeemely paranoid about the possible infections my daughter could catch. Sanitizers are my guardian angels!


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