5 Common Challenges New Moms Face And How To Overcome Them


Mother with babyAfter waiting nine long months for a lifetime of bliss, you’ve finally become a mother. The car journey from the hospital to your home, with your little wonder, surely counts among one of your life’s best moments! While it all seems blissful with the arrival of the new member to the family, only when the first euphoric week is over does the feeling of being a mom finally sink in. It’s only then that you come to terms with the huge responsibility being a mommy can be!

While you struggle changing your howling baby’s diaper, you wonder in awe, how your mom managed raising four kids! Sitting idle has become a luxury and the only person your partner pampers now is your little one. We hear you sister. It happens to the best of us. Below are 5 common challenges new moms face and the possible ways to overcome them:

1. Erratic Sleep Schedules – Do people really have fixed sleeping patterns? You surely seem to have forgotten! New parents often struggle with establishing fixed sleep schedules. After a tiring day, when you finally hit the sack, just moments into deep slumber you are woken by your baby’s loud cry. Is he hungry? Is he scared? Whatever be the case, you definitely have to say goodbye to a peaceful night’s rest. It is very important that you and your partner work together to ensure your baby’s safety. If you sacrificed your sleep staying up at ungodly hours, make sure you get a nap during the day, when your better half takes over! Lack of sleep may disrupt your system.

2. Zilch Personal Time – The first couple of months being a mom will require you to make the maximum sacrifices. One of them is giving up on your “me time”! As you experiment with various tactics to put your little one to sleep, your girl gang’s pictures from their recent trip to Vegas pop up on your Facebook newsfeed! Do you miss that life? You’d be lying if you said you didn’t! But hey, your friends don’t have what you have – your own bundle of joy. At times when you think you need a break from your strenuous routine, ask your mom or mom-in-law (or other relatives) to come over and see your baby while you get a quick hour or two to unwind. Get at least an hour each day to do things that keep you ticking. Whether it’s reading a book, painting or going to the spa.


  1. Great Blog – Many of us do try very hard to get rid of our baby Tum, And like you say many people put their health at risk. I personally put this down to mums looking at celeb mums get back in shape 4weeks after having a baby and forget that unlike celebs we do not have their income and a lot of us can not afford the people they have available to them.

    Hard work and a good healthy diet is the way to go it takes a little longer but we get there in the end.


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