4 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Better  


Newborn Beautiful Baby SleepingWe’ve all heard the horror stories of getting no sleep when the baby comes home, of being exhausted and having no time for you. You are confident that your child’s cries in the middle of the night are worth it when you look at her sleeping soundly in her crib and you know that you’ll continue to take the abuse no matter what happens. However, there are a few things that can help even the fussiest babies get some shut eye….so that you can do the same or, you know, shower and gobble down a yogurt. Below are a few tips to help your baby sleep better.

  1. The Boy (or Girl) in the Bubble

Your baby, especially a newborn, is used to one small and comforting space. In that place, they were safe, fed, warm, and loved. It’s a nice feeling. Imagine having that and then being yanked away into a bright and harsh world where shapes are blurry and everything is loud. You’d scream bloody murder too. Many parents mimic this feeling of being in the womb by swaddling but you can take this concept a step further. Wrap your baby in a t-shirt that you’ve worn for a decent period of time. The smell of you close to them will calm them and make them feel like they’re in your arms all over again. You’ll be creating a sort of bubble for your baby to feel safe inside.

  1. The Sound and the Fuzzy

Remember the sound of your mother singing or humming to you as you rocked to sleep when you were a child? Even as adults this sound can be soothing and, to your baby, the sound of your voice is something familiar and loving. Record yourself humming or singing to your baby and, when you leave the room, play the recording so that they can hear it even when you’re gone. If you want to get really creative, you can find a fuzzy “mp3 pillow.” These handy little toys allow you to put an mp3 player inside and the sound plays through hidden speakers in the pillow. Your baby can snuggle up to your voice and have the feeling of his or her favorite fuzzy security toy all at once.


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