4 Smart Ways to Transition Your Preschooler to Kindergarten


Beautiful mother and her children drawing at homePreschool is a wonderful time in your toddler’s life. It starts him off learning about schedules and class time and interacting with other children and adults – and it’s usually part time. The transition from preschool to kindergarten means longer school days, more artwork for parents to display proudly, and many changes that, while important for his growth, can also be a bit difficult for him to adjust to. Parents can help their preschoolers with these adjustments with a few simple things at home so that the first day of kindergarten is full of smiles and happy stories before and after you send him off.

1. Stick to a Schedule — When your preschooler comes home, continue the day as it would be for a regular day in kindergarten. Moms can turn learning experiences into a game to keep him interested and craft projects that they can display on the fridge or around the house just like they’ll bring home from kindergarten.

2. Include Other Children — Up until now, it’s likely that (aside from preschool) your child’s time with other children has been mainly family outings, kids’ birthday parties, and arranged play dates. Pin the tail on the donkey, cake eating, and sharing the blocks might be important to his childhood, but they’ll be doing more than that in kindergarten. Collaborate with other parents for field trips to a children’s museum, lunch play dates complete with your own version of recess, and learning games that mimic the classrooms that they will be spending time in.


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