4 Myths About Work At Home Moms Busted


It’s true, in the age old debate of who has it harder the working mother or the stay-at-home-mother (SAHM)  the majority forget those proud few that do both.  Mothers that work at home (WAHM) have the battle of meeting deadlines and conducting business calls while kids are screaming in the background making a mess of the room she just cleaned.  Between work meetings and children’s extra circular activities, these moms balance it all.  Here are the myths about work from home moms and their scary realities.

1. Work at home moms get to lounge around in pajamas all day.

As much as work at home moms would like to believe and partake in this myth, it is far from reality.  Most mothers that work at home still have to be involved in normal hygiene as there are many places to be in the day.  Not only do these mothers take their kids to school or bus stops like other moms, but they may also have video conferences, meetings, and standard errands to run.

2. Work at home moms get to enjoy both worlds.

Image: Purchased from Fotolia
Image: Purchased from Fotolia

This myth holds a bit of truth.  Yes, mothers who work from home get to enjoy the company of their children and earn an independent living doing something they love.  However, these moms are having to cram eight hours of work into a good three or four hours.  The work that doesn’t get finished during that time frame is saved for later in the evening.  Work from home moms are often burning the midnight oil just to make deadlines only to have the day start again at the crack of dawn.  Sleep is a foreign word for these mothers.

The kids of work from home moms are often frustrated.  They want to play and crave mom’s attention, but she is busy with the billion-and-one items that need to get done during the day.  During summers these mothers are hiding out trying not to let the endless arguments and loud play interrupt their thoughts.

It’s not all work and no play.  These moms do get some quality time, but she can never be fully in the moment with all that needs done.  Remember these work from home mothers are balancing a work life and home life all-in-one.  They send an email then wash a sink full of dishes.

3. Sitting in front of the computer doesn’t mean she is actually working.

This myth is the most misunderstood.  Sure, there are a lot of parents out there that think getting to be a work from home mom is awesome. In fact, adults and children see this mom sitting at the computer and automatically think she’s playing computer games or posting on Facebook.  She couldn’t possibly be doing real work.  It is this misconception that often leads to a frustrated mom as there are too many distractions to enable her to work.  Similar to mothers working third shift, it is important to remember that just because their schedule is different it does not mean they do not work hard.

4. It must be nice to not have to worry about child care.

Little girl read book

Childcare is the word that work from home moms dream about especially those with toddlers.  Some moms may have an actual office and some may not, but it would not matter as the children will need mom every few minutes.  It is difficult to accomplish anything worthwhile in less than half an hour.  Time management goes out the window, and work from home moms are constantly searching for healthy distraction for their kids.  Television is a guilty device most of the mothers use, but even they are aware that too much is wrong.  It is great to have children around but when it’s time to get real work done it is distracting.



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