4 ingenious ways to involve your kids in the Thanksgiving preparations


Thanksgiving is a perfect moment for your family, companions, and of course – delicious food. It’s an upbeat time when we begin to feel Christmas coming up and when we offer gratitude for all that we have.
On the other hand, it’s a time when we can enjoy having some messy fun in the kitchen – with our children.

Changing the Thanksgiving routine may sound insane in light of the fact that relatives tend to get “stuck” in their specific job for the day.
Grandpa makes the famous turkey; sister makes her amazing stuffing; cousin bakes his delicious cheesecake. The children play together as always. Teens play football, while adults chat casually on the porch.

Sounds familiar?

Perhaps it would be worth to try something new this time?

We should invite our children to the kitchen, allowing them to do what they can for the Thanksgiving feast.

Cooking together is a great way to form family bonds. Also, knowing how to cook your meals is a crucial life-skill – the sooner you introduce your kids to it, the better.

Some ideas to involve your kids into Thanksgiving preparation:

  • Get the children to work together and prepare one part of the meal (sides, salads etc).
  • Pair up an adult and a child, make them a team and get them to work together on one part of the meal.
  • Check out some Thanksgiving cookbooks online or at your local library and let the kids choose which food to make.
  • Let every person draw a Thanksgiving task from a hat. No swapping!

If it sounds too complicated, then simply ask your child to join you in the kitchen. Kids really enjoy assisting – especially if you’re preparing something from their world: such as butterbeer beverage, beloved by a certain wizard.

I hope that these tips will make your Thanksgiving truly special!


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