3 Ways To Transition Into A Healthier Lifestyle


triple bandedThe rules are always changing — first eggs yolks were bad and now they’re good for you, similarly coconut oil was ‘on the bench’ for years and now it’s one of the most amazing oils — so yes, it’s really hard to keep up with the do’s and don’ts of living healthier.

I for one, am a believer in doing whatever I feel is right for me and eating things I actually like. So if you are interested in living a healthier life but have no idea where to start I want to share 3 easy steps that can make your transition that much easier.

The Process Of Elimination

The process of elimination is all about identifying the things you know for sure aren’t good for you and cutting them out of your life in small steps. Here are some things you can stop doing gradually:

  • First you can decide to stop eating fast food,fried foods and anything you can buy at a drive-thru
  • Then you can stop drinking soda and reduce drinking alcohol to something you do socially or only on weekends
  • Next you can cut white flour from your diet, so no more white bread, pastries and pasta
  • You then can eliminate sugar and sugary foods and drinks
  • You can take it a step further and eliminate gluten all together (think of gluten like a glue..gluten free foods taste equally as good and it really is not necessary)

Substitution and Incorporation

This is about exercising the healthier options available, so for example if you see a box of waffles and you see the gluten free waffles pick that one, it’s really that simple. Read the ingredients and pick the foods that have less crap you can’t pronounce and reduce the amount of processed foods you are eating.

  • Instead of chips and candy, buy fruits and nuts
  • Instead of cow’s milk buy almond milk
  • Instead of sugar you can use stevia(I personally hate the way this tastes) so I use honey instead
  • Instead of juice, drink only natural fruit juices, like freshly squeezed oranges
  • Drink more water, try to get in about 2 liters a day and add some lemon or any fruit to add a little flavor if you get bored with plain water
  • Eat whole wheat/whole grain everything
  • Incorporate more grains like quinoa, wild rice and brown rice to your diet
  • Eat leaner proteins



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