3 Tasty Ways To Eat Homemade Granola


Homemade Granola For KidsGranola is one of the healthiest foods for kids to eat. If made with the right ingredients, it has a ton of important vitamins and minerals that any growing kid needs. But granola from a little plastic snack bag, or in bar form gets boring pretty fast. That’s why you should try shaking it up a little with these three tasty ways to eat homemade granola.

Yogurt Parfait

You can sprinkle layers of flavored yogurt, chopped fresh fruit and lots of “Merissa’s Fabulous Granola” in a clear cup for a healthy, taste-bud pleasing breakfast or snack. Make it in a cup with a lid for and on- the- go snack. Not only are yogurt parfaits quick, easy and healthy, but they are appealing to the eye, which makes them great rewards for kids!

Granola and Milk

Yes, the classic cereal and milk is the simplest way to eat “Merissa’s Fabulous Granola,” but it’s also one of the tastiest. Milk tastes great with almost any flavor of granola, and is something most kids can make all by themselves. It’s a quick and healthy breakfast choice. If you add lots of nuts and dried fruit, it is also a complete breakfast!

Frozen Yogurt W/ Granola On Top

Who doesn’t love getting a nice big frozen yogurt from their local FroYo shop? Especially with a bunch of tasty toppings. Have a frozen yogurt bar at home with a few different flavors of frozen yogurt, granola and nuts or little pieces of chopped fruit. Don’t have all of those? No problem! A big bowl of frozen yogurt topped with a sprinkle of any flavor granola is sure to be a hit desert for the whole family. Everyone wants their kids to be happy and healthy. Granola is a great way to get your kids to eat healthy. So try these three tasty ways to eat homemade granola. Then send me pictures of your awesome granola creations!

*For a homemade granola recipe that takes only a few minutes and can be flavored with anything click here.*


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