24 Reasons I Didn’t Finish My Lunch – A Compilation


9.  The cereal bar had the wrong fruit-to-cereal ratio.

10. I told you that yesterday.

11.  The cheese bagel didn’t have enough cheese.

12.  I only eat applesauce at home.

13.  I like frozen blueberries, not fresh.

14.  I only eat sandwiches at home.

15.  Fruit blends, I will eat, not plain applesauce.

16.  I don’t eat meat on sandwiches.

17.  I only eat meat at home.

18.  I liked the hummus when we ate it home, not in my lunch though.

19.  Those aren’t my favorite crackers.

20.  I like my carrots with dip.

21.  I only eat carrots and dip at home.

22.  The chocolate Bear Paws are good, not the yogurt ones.

23.  I told you that yesterday. 

24.  It wasn’t pizza.


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