24 Reasons I Didn’t Finish My Lunch – A Compilation


Healthy school lunch with bookMom, Dad, I know you try hard to make lunches for school that we will enjoy. You aim for a balance between fun and healthy, we get that. Sometimes you hit a home run and others, well, not so much. Yet every time you want to know why we didn’t finish the lunch you packed. In an effort to help you improve, I’ve compiled a list of the various reasons your attempts at lunch-packing fall short. Be forewarned, these are all subject to change without notice.

Your loving child.


1.  The sandwich was too crusty.

2.  I like my apples sliced, not whole.

3.  I only eat sliced apples at home.

4.  The sandwich was too “sand-wichy”.

5.  I like yogurt tubes, not yogurt cups.

6.  I told you that yesterday.

7.  The cheese was sweaty.

8.  I only eat cucumbers at home.


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