10 Ways To Bond With Your Newborn Baby


family conceptBonding is a process that starts at birth and continues for a lifetime. However, many parents often worry about connecting with their baby. Moms will be just fine if they follow their maternal instincts, and both  mom and dad can begin bonding with the baby by simply talking to him while he is in the womb. Touching your belly and interacting with his kicks is a perfect starting point.

If you’re a new mom, these 10 tips may also be helpful:

1. Cuddle – The first few weeks of life set the stage for your relationship. Spend as much time focusing on skin-to-skin contact with your baby by snuggling and caressing his skin. Also make sure to look into his eyes when you talk to him. Early bonding comes through touch, your voice, and your milk. Gentle massage is also an effective way to reduce stress in preemies and newborns, as well as ease postpartum depression in moms.

2. Breastfeed – Feeding time is an intimate action that teaches your baby that you are there to provide care and comfort. If you are unable to breastfeed, bottle feeding can also be a time for parents to bond with their child.

3. Cues – Learn to read your child’s facial expressions and body language and get to know what each type of cry means. An arched back, curled up fists, scrunched up face, and hyperactive movement are all ways he is trying to communicate his needs to you.

4. Read or Sing – Hearing the sound of your voice is soothing to your baby. Reading stories or singing songs is also an excellent way to interact with your little bundle of joy. Let him look at you and see you smile and change facial expressions while you interact.

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Kelly Johnson is the founder of Parker Time Potions pediatric massage oils and an expert on parent/child bonding. When Kelly noticed that her toddler son was developing at a “delayed” rate, she wanted to bond with him and experience the joy of development and progress. Through her research, Kelly discovered that massage was the best way for her and her son to bond when “normal” avenues of bonding were not available, leading her to formulate her own all-natural Parker Time Potions pediatric massage oils. Her son was since diagnosed with autism and Parker Time now also serves as a vehicle to fund autism research by donating some of its proceeds to autism related causes. www.parkerpotions.com


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