10 Ways To Lose Weight Faster Without Working Out


MEALS PER DAY(1)I get it…you just really can’t get back on your workout grind the way you want, you still look three months pregnant even though your baby just turned one and you honestly don’t care..Spanx and that God-forbidden waist trainer will have to do.

When I realized I would never get to spend 2 hours in the gym 5 days a week like I used to, I started looking for other ways to help me reach my goals. So I started following a bunch of fitness pages on Instagram and realized that one thing all these ‘fitness gurus’ had in common is that they all tell you it starts in the kitchen…what you eat is way more important and will determine your results than working out can.

I lost all my baby weight and then some and I’m gonna tell you how. (That sounds so salesy, sorry!)

Here are ten sure ways you can speed up the fitness train and drop some pounds!

1) Drink more water: It is recommended that we drink 2.7 liters a day. What I do is measure out how much that is for my water bottle and I keep count, so I know I have to drink 6 bottles of water from my bottle everyday. Sometimes I infuse it with lemon juice and my fave fruits when I need a little flavor.

2) Detox: Speeding up your metabolism will help to rid your system of toxins and waste. Some of my fave ways to detox are: to drink green tea, eat sweet potatoes and make detox water (my go-to is cucumber, lemon and mint-infused water).

The aim is to get more regular, you should go to the bathroom everyday. So here are some other detoxifying foods that you can try to add to your diet:

Olive Oil

3) Portion control: It’s so important to eat the right amount of food and in the right food categories. The recommended plate size is 10″ and you should fill half your plate with veggies, a quarter with lean meat and the other quarter with a whole grain or good carb.


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