10 Tips For Setting Up A Baby Photo Shoot


Mother Photographing Baby Boy At ParkParents all want to have sweet portraits of their little bundles of joy, but cute pictures are not easy to get without proper planning.  Setting up a photo shoot with your baby can be tricky if you’re not organized.

Make sure to keep the following elements in mind when setting up a photo shoot:

1. Time of Day – Choose a time of day that is most conducive to your baby’s natural wakefulness.  Mornings or just after nap time are both ideal for catching smiles and baby’s personality if he is fully rested.  If you’re hoping to catch a special pose, nap time may be the best time of day for your shoot.

2. Clothing – Keep it simple and choose outfits that are easy to get in and out of if you’re planning for costume changes.  Plan for only one or two costume changes at most.  Also avoid bold patterns and clothing with words on it.  If you’re doing family photos in conjunction with the photo shoot, be sure everyone is dressed in similar tones.

Nude baby photos are also becoming more popular.  Poses with baby against dad’s bare chest or cradled in dad’s hands can be unique, but don’t let the photographer pressure you into poses that make you feel uncomfortable.

Costumes can be fun and many companies offer crocheted costumes in themes like dinosaurs or mermaids.  For these themed family photo shoots, baby can be posed in a basket filled with grass or on a blanket resembling water.

3. Props – Bring some of your child’s favorite toys to capture his attention.  He may also want to hold a toy or a special blanket.  An instrument or song can also help him get in a happy frame of mind.

4. Food / Snacks – Babies don’t always cooperate with your schedule. Ensure he has a full belly so he will be at his best!  Bring along snacks to help him feel happy if his mood isn’t all you hoped for.

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